NOVEMBER 5-7, 2018

The premise of the Forum Culture + Numérique is to bring together the different cultural and creative industries in Quebec that are concerned with the issues of the digital world for a two-day collaborative laboratory.

The 2 nd edition of this Forum will revolve around the theme of the globalisation of culture: how can we jump on the new opportunities presenting themselves and profit from them? Various subjects will be discussed, including the creation of value in the context of globalization; the training of and access to a qualified workforce; international broadcasting structures; the financing of exportation; connecting with the major international players; the potential of bilateral agreements (production treaties); worldwide discoverability; the business opportunities of the Francophone digital market; etc.

The goal of the Forum is to enable better collaboration between the industries and the different governments when it comes to promoting and exporting Quebec’s digital expertise and creativity in a globalisation context.

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