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JAM 360 comes to Grand Théâtre de Québec

JAM 360 comes to Grand Théâtre de Québec

April 15, 2019

Xn Quebec, in partnership with Grand Théâtre de Québec, Théâtre du Trident, and Carrefour international de théâtre, is pleased to announce JAM 360’s next event, titled Entre théâtre et interactivité (“Between theatre and interactivity”), which will be held at Grand Théâtre de Québec on May 27, 2019.

Since 2015, JAM 360 has enabled new ways of envisioning how current content production and distribution may be revamped in light of innovative technology as part of joint creative efforts. For this fourth edition in Quebec City, the three participating teams will feature the use of digital art in stage performances. Since March 29, these teams have been working on project prototypes. The completed works will be presented to the public on Monday, May 27, 2019 starting at 5:30 PM at Salle Octave-Crémazie (one of the halls at Grand Théâtre de Québec).

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Free admission and open to all – kindly RSVP.

De Chair et De Synthèse | Véronique Bertrand, scenographer, and Mathieu Savard, ALTKEY

Inspired by De Synthèse, a novel by Karoline Georges, De Chair et De Synthèse explores the possibilities provided by new digital technology of creating a visual depiction of the world described in the novel.

How do you represent the virtual and the real? What is the relationship between the artist and her double? How do you handle the public so as to ensure it feels like a privileged witness?

Interface Humaine – Projet Hamlet | Emile Beauchemin, director, Laurie Carrier, scenographer, and Geneviève Caron, administrative director.

This team wishes to go even further on a well-established project. A costume equipped with sensors allows an interpreter to exert real-time control over her responsive stage environment and focus her work on a specific part of her costume.

EEG sensors capture brain-wave activity. In response, the team uses the brain’s variations in electrical activity to influence lighting, sound, video, and even scenography.

Projet Rondeurs | Amélie Bergeron, director, and Mathieu Savard, ALTKEY

Projet Rondeurs is a study of crossover practices that combines minimalist animations to amalgamate different forms of language and weave multifaceted narratives consisting of words, images, and sounds, thereby making these language forms an integral part of the writing process and the finished work.

Grand Théâtre de Québec is pleased to host this latest edition of JAM 360 in Quebec City. This initiative is perfectly compatible with the institution’s drive to be active in its sector and foster art in all its forms.

About JAM 360

JAM 360, which was initially established by Xn Quebec (formerly Regroupement des producteurs multimédias), seeks to break down silos and bring together players in the digital industry and cultural sector. In addition, JAM 360 explores new avenues designed to enable these players to make the digital shift fully and successfully. In previous editions, JAM focused on the television, book-publishing, and music industries.