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May 16, 2019

In parallel with the 10th edition of the contest, Xn Québec (the Digital Experiences Producers Association) joined forces with L’Alliance numérique and COOP La Guilde to conduct a study profiling the Quebec digital creativity industry for the first time. 

The mandate: sketching the outline of the industry, evaluating its economic importance in Quebec, and identifying its main needs and issues. The results were striking and showed the importance of this effervescent industry.

 It contributes 5,437 billion dollars ($B) to the Canadian economy, and $1,128 B to the Quebec economy. It saw a cumulative growth of 62% between 2010 and 2016. These versatile companies operate according to a hybrid model alternating between original production and service production – 38% are thus self-sustaining. 35% of them devote themselves to a single activity, mainly those in the video game and corporate communication (video production, communication, marketing) sectors. 22% maintain five activities or more.

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Finally, unsurprisingly, the main issues identified by respondents are the financing of intellectual property and the recruitment of a specialized workforce. The latter challenge is in terms of recruitment as well as retention and training. 

This study was prepared by Yuani Fragata and Francis Gosselin (Groupe Sage) and Danielle Desjardins (La Fabrique de sens) on behalf of Xn Quebec, and conducted thanks to the financial support of Export Quebec, the City of Montréal, and the Canada Media Fund.