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June 12, 2018

Xn Quebec, the Association of digital experience producers, is glad to read in the new cultural policy that the government submitted on June 12 that it intends to put culture back among its priorities, but it still has some reservations

Xn Quebec regrets the absence in the policy and accompanying action plan of a stronger affirmation of the desire of the government to consider digital experiences like an expression mode in itself – a fully-fledged industry – instead of as a simple production tool and distribution vehicle that traditional industries must learn to use and master. Xn Quebec is still satisfied to find, among the four guidelines of the action plan accompanying the cultural policy, this 4th guideline: “Increasing the contribution of culture and communications to the economy and the development of Quebec.” This guideline relies notably on the improvement of the fiscal system for cultural industries, support measures for the development of cultural businesses, as well as support measure for the development of international markets for creators and businesses.

These issues are at the centre of the actions of Xn Quebec, particularly the access to international markets, which will be one of the key themes of the 2nd Forum Culture + Numérique in November, organised by Xn Quebec at Digihub in Shawinigan. Any money influx in culture is good news, and Xn Québec is happy that the action plan will include an important investment in culture. The allocation of a 50.2 million dollar budget over 5 years to the SODEC will allow it to support digital business and the creation, production and broadcasting of Quebec content here and abroad.

However, despite several consultations, this institution wasn’t able to produce credible, forward-looking digital strategy and programs for the industry. Xn Quebec would like to see such a strategy adopted in the near future.

About Xn Quebec

Xn Quebec is an association of more than 120 companies specializing in content production, for various digital platforms.

Digital experience producers association Xn Quebec brings together the key players of the Quebec digital creation industry by uniting all producers of content (original or other) for various technological platforms. Formerly known as RPM (Regroupement des producteurs multimédia), the association acts as a catalyst to develop, consolidate and raise the profile of the companies making up the ecosystem of creative, media and cultural industries that are active in all forms of digital expression, through a variety of inclusive and rallying activities and events.