UDA Agreement


The negotiations for the renewal of the RPM-UDA agreement are currently in progress. Until the signing of this new agreement, the terms of the current agreement remain in effect, and all rates included in this agreement shall be indexed to the real Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Quebec, as calculated by Statistics Canada, in effect since January 1st of the previous year – without prejudice to any retroactive increase that may be negotiated.

You must produce for your clients promotional, informational or training documents circulating in closed-circuit, public spaces or online? You want to hire professional artists (narrators, actors and others) for this type of production?

Since September 2004, a collective agreement between Xn Quebec and the Union des artistes (UDA) governs the hiring of artists for commissioned multimedia works. It covers any form of “corporate” or “institutional” production on video support or interactive multimedia that isn’t intended for retail sale or broadcasting markets (radio, television, movie theatre or DVD intended for the general public) and webcasting. Also excluded are advertisements governed by the agreement between the Association des producteurs conjoints (APC) and the UDA.

The members of Xn Quebec are required to pay a contribution to Xn Québec equivalent to 3% of the total fees and residuals (before taxes) using the UDA/RPM remittance form, then send it to RPM.

Non-member producers can use the agreement for a service fee of $100 + taxes.

For any information request regarding the UDA agreement or to resolve grievances following the signing of a contract, Xn Quebec members can contact Xn Quebec at info@xnquebec.co



1. Make sure that your production is covered by the agreement. To that end, consult the collective agreement.

2. Request a contract
Contact the UDA to obtain a contract request form at 514 288-6682, ext. 1014, or via email at rt_rpmmultimedia@uda.ca. Producers who aren’t members of Xn Quebec must also sign an agreement with the UDA.
Fill in the contract request form. It is possible to request several copies of contracts simultaneously.

3. Fill in the contract
Fill in the Engagement Contract. You must also determine the type of performances (on-camera or off-camera), the rate and the negotiated surplus (if applicable) and, where appropriate, the residual rights for the use of the work in a public space (public or commercial place: train, bus, hotel, store, lounge, museum, etc.) or on the Internet.
Fill in the Remittance Form for the Caisse de sécurité des artistes. It will be sent to you in Excel format by the UDA.
Fill in the Form for the Acquisition of Residual Rights.
Fill in the Form for the Transfer of Rights, if applicable.

4. Return to the UDA and to the artists all contracts and forms, as well as the payment of fees and contributions, in accordance with the time limits and terms stipulated in Article 4-4.01 of the agreement.

5. Grievance administration
In the case of disputes or disagreements in relation to the interpretation or application of the Xn Quebec-UDA collective agreement, a producer who is a member of Xn Quebec can count on the support of his association to express their views and, if necessary, defend them during the grievance process.

Non-member producers must resort to their own means and deal directly with the UDA.