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Cité mémoire : from Pointe-aux-Trembles to Barcelona READ MORE Interview conducted by David Lamarre with Martin Laviolette and Luci Tremblay .stk-2933447{max-width:80% !important;min-width:auto !important;margin-right:auto !important;margin-left:auto !important} Since 2016, the various projections that... Entrevue avec Stefan Barens - Directeur, division Divertissement multimédia pour entreprises de Panasonic Canada Interview with Stefan Berens, Head of Media Entertainment Business Division at Panasonic Canada READ MORE La façon dont l’art et la technologie se rejoignent est si unique que cela crée une toute nouvelle façon de... XN QUÉBEC RESPONDS TO CHANGES IN SODEC’S PRODUCTION AND SCREENWRITING ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS READ MORE SODEC, Quebec’s public agency dedicated to promoting the province’s cultural sector, has recently announced that it is opening its production assistance program... A trailer that celebrates Quebec’s digital creativity READ MORE In the wake of the 10th anniversary of the NUMIX AWARDS, a competition that rewards digital content excellence in Québec,... CALL FOR INTEREST | 2019 “THIS IS QUÉBEC” IN TOKYO READ MORE Xn Québec, in partnership with the government of Québec, invites digital entrepreneurs all around Québec to submit their project as...

Xn Québec brings together Québec’s producers of digital experiences.

With more than 155 member studios, we represent our industry’s interests to public and government institutions, provide opportunities for creators to meet and collaborate, and showcase Québec’s digital-creativity excellence at home and around the world.

Xn Québec est le point de rencontre d’une diversité Xn Québec is where wide-ranging players and sectors – all striving to develop Québec’s digital creativity – come together.


We, at Xn Québec, represent the interests of producers and creators of digital experiences and enable them to unify their voices.

Through various means – including events, public and political representation, industry studies and monitoring activities, content production, and the submission of briefs – we engage in active listening, we take position, and we support the digital media industry.


More than 155 digital-creativity studios and professionals have already joined forces with us.

As an Xn Québec member, you have access to group insurance coverage as well as preferential rates, free benefits, and business advantages and you benefit from our UDA agreement. Being a member means that you’re part of an organization that defends our industry’s interests – so we encourage you to get involved in various ways, including taking part in our committees on international issues, diversity, policy, and other areas of interest to our members.