In light of the changes the digital industry is going through, the Regroupement des producteurs multimédia (RPM) repositioned itself in December 2017 by becoming the Digital Experiences Producers Association (Xn Quebec). Xn Quebec aims to bring together the key players of the digital industry by uniting all producers of content (original or commissioned) for various technological platform


The Digital Experiences Producers Association Xn Quebec (formerly known as Regroupement des producteurs multimédia) brings together the key players of the Quebec digital creation industry, namely more than 130 studios specializing in the production of content (original or commissioned) for various technological platforms. In total, the Xn Quebec community comprises more than 2000 individuals.

Through various networking activities, conferences, a gala rewarding the excellence of digital content, creative forums and international showcases, Xn Quebec occupies a key place in the Quebec digital creativity industry.


Xn Quebec writes submissions and takes stands on issues that impact the digital media industry.

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